Sep 1, 2008

Moez Masoud

Considered to be one of the most influential religious speakers in Egypt, Moez Masoud gained entry to the religious arena because of his brush with near death experience with tumour. He swore his life to Allah s.w.t that he will be in service to Islam if given more time.

Hence now he has travelled all around the world spreading the Islamic way of life, or rather also in the process open hearts to the faith Insyallah to many.

My first encounter was with him was when my boyfriend showed me a videoclip of him on youtube.

MasyAllah. His words are divine indeed. And so humble to boot. I shan't rob you of your experience so click away and view :)

I was also quite privilleged to get to watch one series from Stairway of Paradise hosted by non other than him of course, on Women in Islam and it really made an impact for me.

He concluded that both men and women are equally superior and just have different strengths and rather come into a competitive point we should have co-operation with one another for spiritual alleviation.

My GOD! I'm speechless and at awe that he leads the discussion with such compassion as well. His objectiveness does not open room for argument. Well in my opinion anyways. And I'm quite a hard headed person when it comes to forums that are bias.

I'm a fan no doubt. He's the best example of what a khalifah of the earth should be.

I hope that I get to watch more of his English shows and get enlightened by it. I feel that I lose out on a lot of things because I don't understand Arabic. :(

In due time this shall be overcome. God willing.


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