Aug 29, 2008

Fell in love with a rat

The past couple of days Fi and I have this habit of staying up late and sleeping during the day.

I think it has caused our bodies somewhat of a trauma one way or another.

My assumption to her recent need for wanting a pet scorpion.

She said she wants to get a scorpling. In my mind with the added +ling at the end it would be somewhat cuddly and adorable. I can just see my face grow into the size of Manhattan and my mouth regurgitating a bubble party!

In the attempt of retaining my sanity I went googling for cute scorpion pictures and found this adorable one...

Then I went to the owner of the picture and found a treasure chest of funny side splitting cartoons drawn by her.

Oh my God!!!

I am extremely impressed with her blog.

Go and check her out! She's in my blog roll under Tail o'the Rat.


1 comment:

Namowal said...

Why thanks!
I'm flattered you stopped by for a lookaround. Come back soon. :)


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