Mar 25, 2008

Sunburst KL-John Legend

Born on 28th December 1978 who would have known that this sweet creamy cup of Ohio born hot chocolate would mesmerize peeps all the way to Malaysia! (swoons)

I was well aware of John Legend's existence in the R'n'B music industry.

I just wasn't aware of how big a phenomenon he was! After the show I went and googled and discovered he was nominated for 8 Grammy awards and won 5~! Madness!!

I still remember the ache on my feet. My heart palpitations, I could literally feel my body levitate as I saw John Legend for the very first time live.

His performance was a tremendous success! He had the girls screaming, moaning and groaning (lol.) It was like a big orgy. And Johny boy was supplying all the goodness. Even the boys who were standing in front of me were saying "Relax...relax..nanti you pengsan" which means Relax, relax, you'll pass out man. Because I kept saying oh my God whilst jumping up and

The crooner swayed us with his magical repertoire of Alright, PDA (We just don't care) and Ordinary People to name a few. I really honestly couldn't remember because I was just amazed at the sex appeal of this performer. (and his smoldering good looks to boot!)

I think he killed some of us or rather all of us when he invited this girl Nisha on stage. They danced to the song slow dance. Secretly I was wishing I was the lucky one (having bulldozed my way to the 3rd front row) [If you guys want to see the picture of this event by all means message me and I can show you but I ain't going to post it on my blog, I don't need photo graphical evidence of how my heart was].

However in my heart of hearts I believed that everyone was dancing with John that night. Including myself.

All I can say for now is John Legend is extremely talented and he rocks my socks off. He closed his show off with So High...I definitely was high that night. And no drug in the world could match its ecstasy ;)

I would love to go to one of his concerts again and source that he'll come back again to Malaysia for a performance.

Tremendously unforgettable. He is a sexy and tremendously legendary man !!

Whom in my heart is mine :) *awwwwwwwwww*

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