Aug 21, 2008

What is skunk in Malay?


I was inspired to write this post because my gal pal Fiona aka the love of my life on facebook (LOL) showed me this forum containing people's comments and ideas about the subject title.

Some of their replies were

- sekank
- skank
- tikus busuk (smelly rat)
- tupai berkentut busuk (squirrel with smelly gas) <--I almost died laughing on this one.

I can relate to this headache because earlier in the week I was discussing with my cousins the translation for the word merajuk and manja.

Well we could find the english word for merajuk which is sulk but not for manja.

Manja literally translated means pamper.

But as far as I know and I'll tell you this, my hands on experience (LOL) is that manja means to be babyish and start cooing and being touchy-feely. LOL that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I don't know really it takes a whole page to explain what manja means.

I hope those out there can give me 2-3 words max to describe it. LOL

I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.

Or could it be that skunk stench? LOL

Till then

I seem to be doing a lot of LOLing...erk

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