Sep 4, 2008


Well it's pretty obvious with the title what I'm going to write about.

The first time Tabs told me she was going to have a baby I almost passed out! Oh my Lordie! Thank God I didn't keel over I would've hurt myself.

My first god baby ever.

Tabs told me that she's in her second trimester. 13 weeks and 1/2 to be exact.

I'm ecstatic and can't wait to meet him/her or rather, see pics. LOL

They're in the states you see so well unless I suddenly hit the jackpot job (sourcing) I doubt that I'll be going there anytime soon. But let's just hope I do.

I got to know Tabs through this website called fubar. An online bar to be exact. IF anyone is unfamiliar with it, it used to be called lost cherry then cherry tap? Still nothing? Nevermind.

To my defence, I used to frequent it when I was single and bored. Used to be addicted to it actually. hehe

Now that we're both busy with our own lives we barely get to talk let alone go fubaring, but when we do we have so much stuff to share! hehe...

Still I can't believe that she's having a baby!!

No people this does not entitle you to ask me when's my turn.

In good time. It will come. :) In a red lamborghini. LOL

Here are the pics.





You know I'm just kidding right? teehee.. Wish you guys all the luck in the world!! Mwuakssssssss.. I'm so happy I'm beyond words. This has made my day.

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Iris said...

Awesome:) Cant wait to be an aunt to my sis's baby. Babies bring so much happiness even when they're not born:)


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